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My story

"Happiness needs to be at the beginning and throughout your journey, not at the end." 

- B.E.

Before you embark on your coaching journey with me, I think it's important that you know a little more about the lady behind Clear Cut Coaching and why it was started.


In 2014, I found myself feeling confused and at a major "crossroad" in life.  By then, I achieved my goal of becoming a Licensed Therapist, but the feelings I had at the time did not match my vision when I started the journey.  I worked really hard and did everything I thought I was supposed to do, but yet, I was very unhappy and frustrated.  The wear and tear on my MENTAL WELL-BEING did not seem worth all that I endured. 


​I was feeling burnt out and exhausted at work.  I had no idea how to GROW in my career field and feel passionate about it again.  And on top of that, I did not feel my VALUE was being translated in my paycheck.  This was not how I ever envisioned my life turning out to be.  Life at that point just seemed so unclear.

​I am the first of five children by two hard-working Jamaican parents.  I did not grow up with a lot of money or in the best of living situations.  It always seemed like a sacrifice had to be made in order to buy what was needed.  My parents made sure to let me know that the odds of being successful in life were stacked against me from the start.  I was born into a world where I appeared to be far behind the starting line of others in the race of life.  According to the statistics for my race, gender, and economic class, I was predicted to fail. 


Society told me I was not supposed to make it this far - two university degrees, a salary above the poverty line, and no unplanned pregnancies.  Some folks even said I should have felt satisfied with what I had achieved.  But there was a part of me that knew that I did not get this far in life just to NOT feel happy or to have to continue to make tough decisions about what I could buy at the grocery store.


One thing about growing up with limited resources is that it forces you to learn how to be creative with what you have and turn it into something that is more than enough.  So while I was at my emotional "crossroad", I sat down and took an inventory of the skills and strengths I had inside of me and examined what was preventing me from using them to create my abundance. 


Getting my emotions in check was essential, because I came to realize that my own FEAR was the main enemy against my prosperity.  By the time I stood up, what I had to do was very clear.  That's when I pulled out my mental vision board, changed my mindset, and went to WORK

​From therapist, to program management, to coach and business owner, I learned you can always EVOLVE and EXPANDif you get out of your own way.  And, you can be HAPPY and FINANCIALLY STABLE while doing it.  Now, I’m focused on showing others (like YOU) how to tap into that personal GRIT you forgot you had.

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